SIM & Whatsapp Call Time Tracking
Work-related phone calls are billable too, right?
Hence, track your call timings and conveniently assign them under their respective client/project. Never miss a single minute of your time spent on work phone calls. Whether you’re answering a cellular call or a Whatsapp call, Flowace takes care of everything.
You can even carry out a one-time configuration of marking contacts that are work-related and Flowace will automatically track call time with those contacts only. We uphold privacy at the highest standard, hence your personal calls will always remain confidential to you.
Sim and Whatsapp Call Tracking
Sync All Calls
Working with an office handset? Sync all your contacts & calls with Flowace call tracker and never miss a single record on your work calls.
Flowace Android app showing work call history and asking the user to sync all calls or only the selected ones
Ensure Call Privacy
Never compromise on privacy while tracking your work calls. Filter out the phone contacts that are related to work and Flowace will only track your work-related call and not the private ones.
A user selected the previous work calls & successfully synced the records under their Flowace profile
Rule-Based Call Tracking
Set call tracking rules & link your work contacts under the projects associated with them. Flowace will automatically put the calls under their respective projects. Count every billable minute without memorising any calling history.
Flowace Android app showing the calls categorized under the projects that the user is associated with