Project Management
Organize your projects & save time from the repetitive tasks without juggling with multiple tools.

Create templates for a particular type of task, set project budgets, analyze profit/loss over a project, and eventually generate bills in favor of your organization.
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Import & Autocreate Project Files Smoothly
Import files in bulk from your system to Flowace’s database in one shot. All the folders & subfolders will seamlessly get autocreated and auto-aligned under their respective projects.
A green colored rectangular csv file ready to get uploaded on Flowace database
Assign Projects, Tasks, Subtasks Easily
Assign members and reporting managers according to the team’s hierarchy. Just add tasks/subtasks under a project & the existing hierarchy will follow itself unless you change it.
A company “ACME” setting its team’s hierarchy for effective project management on Flowace
Collaborate With Your Team Across Tasks
Chat and collaborate with your team & discuss ideas on a task/project. Save time and energy by getting your work done with more transparency and clarity.
A sneak peek into how team members can collaborate and discuss ideas on the Flowace app
Create Templates on Projects, Tasks & Subtasks
Create a project template with tasks, subtasks & other attributes. Simply select & reuse the same template across multiple projects without wasting time on such repetitive tasks.
Budget and Revenue Assessment
Plan & track your project budgets in accordance with your projects, clients, & company partners. View the allocated budget, invoiced amount, received amount, profit margin, and occurred losses across different projects in one glance.

Arrange the little details like charge-out rates of employees, invoiced clients, the whole invoice lifecycle etc. Keep every information handy, clean and glitch-free!
 Collated snapshot of a curated invoice and a payroll receipt, both generated on the Flowace app
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Integrate With Your Favorite Project Management Tool
Integrate your Flowace workspace with your most preferred project management tool!Track your time project-wise, get super-productive, and generate precise invoices at advantage of your organization.