Productivity Monitoring
Enhance employees’ productivity by looking at insightful data. Observe, check and keep a systematic review of their weekly, monthly, and yearly productivity reports. Celebrate when they excel & guide them better when they need help!
Productivity Monitoring
Activity Dashboard
Create any number of custom work categories such as Communication, Research, Documentation, etc., and bucket different URLs, and apps in them. Based on your activities, we will automatically show you the bifurcation of where users have spent their time. Our productivity expert will help you use this data as a catalyst to restructure work and improve productivity!
Flowace’s activity dashboard showing the record of every activity on the user’s computer
Auto Screenshots
Say goodbye to employee moonlighting or other unethical job practices with auto screenshots of employees’ computer screens.
A collection of screenshots of an employee’s computer screen showcasing the type of activity that has been done
Work Mode and Privacy Mode
Unplug from work and maintain a healthy work-life balance by switching between work mode & privacy mode with just one click!

Capture work analytics when you’re working & switch to privacy mode when you’re done with work.
A white screen showing the “Work Mode” and a black screen denoting the “Privacy Mode” on the Flowace desktop app widget
App Usage On Mobile
Help your team make the best out of their working hours and save company resources from getting wasted. Get full reports on configured productive apps that members use on their phones. Also get insights about time spent on non-productive apps, frequency of distractions, websites, etc, and shape your organization’s work culture in a better way.
Flowace’s Android app interface showing the record of tracked time of app usage on the user’s cell phone