GPS Tracking & Geo-Fencing
Location shouldn’t hamper attendance and productivity tracking, right? Help your employees track their fieldwork conveniently, no matter which location they’re working from.

Create a job site on the map and the Flowace’s app will automatically log the check-in and check-out times whenever your members enter and exit that location.
Location tracking feature of Flowace that includes a map showing timeline, Address, work sites, etc
Outdoor Meetings
Meeting with a client in-person? That counts as work too, doesn't it? Thus, keep your mobile phone up to date with Flowace's GPS feature.

It will track the location, the duration of the meeting, and will associate this data with its related project.
Outdoor Meetings
Track Transit Time
Traveling for work shouldn’t disturb the minimum working hour streak, right? Thus, ask employees to keep Flowace’s app handy. It will log their commute time automatically to your time reports.

Build more trusted relations with employees by knowing if they’ve reached their destination or have gotten stuck somewhere.
A delivery guy from Uber Eats standing next to a bike and optimizing his location tracking on Flowace’s Android app
Configurable Work Sites
Reduce the admin work & configure all the work sites on the Flowace map at once. Flowace will automatically notify you when an employee enters a particular site. No need to ask employees to mark their attendance manually.
Two men wearing helmets and construction work costumes working on a construction work site