Expense Management
Not just time-tracking, manage your company’s expenses that aren’t time-related too. Do error-free calcuation of travel expenses, reimbursements, & financial reporting with Flowace’s Expense Management feature.
Flowace’s expense management report that includes expenses like travel, communications, fuel, healthcare, hotel, etc
Track your organizational expenses
Get insights & maintain records on the day-to-day expense of your organization.

Be it travel expense, employee cost, project cost, or even a meal reimbursement. Keep track of every penny that’s being spent from your company’s pocket.
Organizational expense report generated on Flowace for a company ACME in accordance with member’s name, expense type, & amount
Avoid Any Expense Manipulation With Attachments
Ensure expense-transparency by setting a provision to attach screenshots while punching any expense. Avoid letting anyone manipulate your company’s expenses with a clear proof behind every spending.
Expense Manipulation
Download & Save Your Expense Report
Download/export the expense reports in .csv or pdf format and save them for future references.

Understand your business’s financial status & plan company budgets in a better way.
Export Members