Data Analytics and Reporting
Get precise reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, as well as yearly basis. Study the reports and patterns of every member, team, and division with respect to productivity, project time, billable hours, and profitability. Extensively analyze the captured data & fix your team’s productivity shortcomings. Need a customized report for your organization? We can build it in seconds.
A bar-graph report on the total time spent by a team using Flowace with the info like top apps used, top performers, etc
Timesheet Summary Report
Get detailed reports of time and cost spent by team members on important client projects (billable and non-billable) on both individual and team basis, either cumulatively or with a day-wise breakup.

Learn about your company’s working behaviour with accurate KPIs. Filter reports with factors like member name, date range, project name, respective time duration, and other such KPI selections.
A bar-graph timesheet report showcasing the hours spent by the team members along with their email address and total cost
Resource Utilization
Accurately track the productivity of every member and every team. Get a comparative analysis to know your most productive and least productive teams.

Using the data, our productivity expert will help you calculate the overall efficiency and help you balance the workload among members to optimize the productivity levels of all your teams.
A report with purple cylindrical bars showing the utilization of employees i.e., resources on the Flowace app
Want a custom report?
Yes! We’ll be more than happy to build a custom report for you!