Billing & Invoice Management
Billing is, no doubt, essential. But should it be that complex? We can prove it's not! Flowace makes bill creation, invoicing and logging receivables super simple for you.

Create neat & crisp invoices according to your project payment structure, business suitabilities and working hours. Customize your invoice templates and add your brand voice with your company logo and signature footer. Most importantly, monitor your entire firm’s profitability in real-time!
Billing and Invoicing
Invoicing Lifecycle
Track and monitor every stage of an invoice, right from raising it to receiving the payment. Use previous invoice reports to streamline your future invoicing lifecycles.
An invoice generated by Flowace includes Filing of GST, Court Visit,Out of Pocket Expenses, and the total sum of the payments
Net Profit and Loss Assessment
Evaluate your organization’s net profit and loss, collectively as well as with in-depth details. Budget, plan, and make your next business decision more smartly.
A profit & loss statement generated by Flowace that includes Project names, budget, cost, invoiced amount, margin % etc
User-Based Profitability Report
Get user-based profitability reports and improve your company’s efficiency standards by analyzing them. Make notes of factors like employee cost, resources spent, and ROI and help employees perform their best!
A bar graph report generated by Flowace for a company ACME showing the profitability of each employee
Highly Customizable Invoices
Help your team make the best out of their working hours and save company resources from getting wasted. Get full reports on configured productive apps that members use on their phones. Also get insights about time spent on non-productive apps, frequency of distractions, websites, etc, and shape your organization’s work culture in a better way.
Customize Invoice