Automated Time Tracking
Tired of using a START/STOP timer to fill in your time manually? Flowace automates time management for your team & saves you precious minutes. Automate time spent on tasks & make the process fully hands-free. Excel at work with absolutely NO pressure of watching your timer every minute.
automated time tracking image
Timesheet Autofilling
Get automated time logs spent for clients and projects, maintain an uninterrupted workflow, and concentrate only on the tasks that actually matter.
Timesheet autofilling report with Flowace classification bubble over the screen
Folder Based Time Tracking
Document reading hours are billable too, aren't they? With Flowace, your time spent on documents within their respective project folders will be tracked automatically, without any manual input. It will also map with your local storage or any cloud storage product you use and will autocategorize the hours spent behind the documents to their respective projects.
Graphic of a man flying on Flowace’s task editor with a box that says “Automatic folder creation”
Document Title Tracking
Working on a document? No need to track your document-working time manually! Flowace cumulatively auto tracks the exact time spent on a particular document with clear timestamps.
Note - Don’t worry, Flowace can only read the document title and not the content inside!
An excel sheet’s title has been tracked by Flowace time tracker and is showing on the time report
Offline Time Tracking
Having Internet connectivity issues? Not a problem. You can still work offline for any number of days without being worried about whether your work entries will get synced or not. They automatically get logged locally and will get synced with the web platform whenever you are back online.
Offline time tracking interface of Flowace app showing its compatibility with operating systems MacOS, Windows, and Ubuntu
Idle Alert
Help your team from getting zoned-out with a friendly pop-up alert when their screen stays idle for a particular time period.
Flowace’s pop up “Idle Alert” dialogue box that appears when the user’s computer screen sits idle for a while
Alerts and Notifications
Configure the minimum working hours for your members and receive automated emails when they miss the mark!

You can also set a “Self Notifier” that will trigger an automated email to the concerned member if they miss their minimum working hours.
A company Acme is adding alert & configuring its employee Sanaa Healy’s work shift & minimum working hours on Flowace
Automatic Detection of Start/End Time
View a crisp record of the log-in time, log-out time, and productive hours of your team members without them having to make a single manual entry.
Flowace interface with an employee’s entire work activities like entry time, exit time, leaves, total working hours etc
Track Time Spent on Scheduled Meetings
Sync your Flowace account with Google Calendar or Microsoft Calendar and never miss tracking your meeting hours. You can easily classify your meetings under the concerned projects from your dashboard.
A calendar interface showcasing the previous meetings’ time tracked on Flowace app