Attendance & Leave Management
Tired of manually tracking attendance of team members and managing their leaves? Completely automate these processes by switching to Flowace. Provide permissions to specific users to accept and reject leave requests.
Automated Attendance
No need for sheets, punching cards or any separate attendance software. Flowace automatically registers employees’ attendance whenever they login to their system.
The record of an employee’s clock-in/clock-out time on the Flowace app
Walk In and Walk Out
Working from the office? Say goodbye to buddy punching & ensure touchless check-in & out with QR scanning and live selfie.

Also, with Geo Location feature, define your office location on the map and Flowace will automatically capture the employees’ availability when they enter into the office premise.
Touchless & auto-attendance means in Flowace app including QR code, walk-in selfie, and location tracking on the map
Leave Applications
Still managing leaves over emails? Switch to a modern & better solution for applying, approving/rejecting & tracking leaves. Track all the casual leaves, sick leaves, holidays, and extra working days on a single platform without any stress.
An employee named “Shiloh Coles” applied for a casual leave from the Flowace app leave management
Configure Flexible Shift Times
Configure and schedule work shifts according to your company standards and requirements. Assign shifts to employees based on their contract, needs, location, and project demands etc.