Frequently Asked Questions
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1. How long will it take to deploy Flowace into my company system?
Not more than 15 minutes! The installation and the initial setup part merely takes 8-10 minutes, additional 3-5 minutes from the user's (workforce) side, and a couple of minutes to watch the training tutorial videos. Once deployed, the users will become familiar with it just by skimming through their respective Flowace dashboards every day.
2. Are there any privacy concerns?
Absolutely NOT. Flowace DOES NOT TRACK OR STORE ANYTHING that happens within the window or an active tab on the browser. We do not have any access to your personal information or passwords that you enter. Your data is only accessible to you and no one else.
3. What does Flowace track?
We only store the time spent on the active window, tab and URL just so that you can get the analytics of where you spent your time. If you’re working on a document, Flowace can only read the document title to track the spent time and nothing inside that document.
4. Does Flowace monitor activities 24/7?
No. Flowace has two modes - Work Mode & Privacy Mode. When you switch to the privacy mode, NOTHING will get tracked. No local data, no online activities, nothing. Only when you switch Flowace to its work mode, it restarts tracking activities that you perform on your device.
5. What if I forgot to come back into my Work Mode and continue working in my Privacy Mode?
The Flowace software will send friendly alerts to you letting you know that you’re in your privacy mode and that your work isn’t getting tracked. With a simple click, you can come back into your Work Mode when you see this alert.
6. Is there any way to retrieve my work data when I was in my Privacy Mode?
There is no way to retrieve your work data if you were in your Privacy Mode because nothing gets captured when you are in your Privacy Mode, NOT EVEN LOCALLY. When you are in Privacy Mode, it is as good as Flowace not being installed on your system.
7. Is Flowace invasive?
Not at all. Flowace lets you work exactly like how you were working before, just that it motivates you to manage your time better. A company can only grow if it performs time audits and analyzes its team’s efficiency on a regular basis. Flowace helps you do just that without having you or your teams compromise on privacy. It only tracks the activities that affect a person’s overall productivity during working hours. Employees are free to take breaks to refresh their mind by switching to the Privacy Mode. This way it actually helps you in properly segregating your work time and break time.
8. I don't think I want to 'monitor' my employees. How can this software help me then?
Flowace is more of a “Productivity tool” than an employee monitoring tool. With merely a handful of monitoring features, Flowace possesses hundreds of staff benefit's features that enable and empower your employees to self-analyze their working behavior and know their true potential. Plus, it provides you with a deep understanding on how your team members are actually thriving or whether they need help. You can also set your own custom KPIs to acknowledge their hard work & can ensure a healthy work-life balance by saving them from getting burnt out at work. Whether or not you want to monitor your employees, it’s totally up to you.

From our experience working with more than 100,000+ teams, only 10% of the benefits of Flowace are achieved by monitoring employees and 90% of the benefits are achieved by Flowace helping team members get self motivated to be more productive and manage their time more efficiently.

Also every company workspace can be fully customized as per its policies and requirements. For example, if you don’t need the screenshots from your employee's computer screens, you can always keep it permanently OFF for some users or all users.
9. We already use website blockers to keep the environment distraction-free. Do we still need Flowace?
Online distractions like social media and online shopping/OTTs are only a part of all kinds of distractions. People working from the office premises or from their homes can get distracted by a lot of other things like taking unusually long lunch breaks, taking short breaks too often, chatting with friends and colleagues for hours, etc. Such interruptions might spoil the working environment of your company. Flowace helps you optimize your time by keeping a record of the actual time spent on working after negating the distraction periods.

Besides providing transparency of time, Flowace empowers users to manage their own time better and gives managers visibility into tasks and events carried out by their teams, which ultimately helps them in better long term planning and allocation of their resources to tasks.
10. I’m doubtful if everyone in my team will happily accept this software. Is it normal?
Yes, it’s normal. It’s very much possible that some employees will resist it while others will understand the importance of time tracking. Some employees might feel overwhelmed with the idea of being monitored. But software like Flowace needs to be implemented in a working system to make things transparent and to reduce the wastage of time and resources. It does bring in an overall change in working behavior which is beneficial to all individuals. Those who’re uncertain about their working behavior might oppose it whereas those who’re hard working and honest with their work will delightfully accept it.
11. How does Flowace encourage employee wellness?
Apart from helping you achieve maximum efficiency, one of Flowace’s primary goals is to help companies ensure that their employees are at the best of their mental health. We want to create an environment for companies where employees think more about growing at their jobs instead of negatively scrutinizing their efforts.

Here’s how Flowace encourages employee wellness -

Privacy Mode electric-plug Work Mode
Flowace time tracker has two modes. “Work Mode” & “Privacy Mode”. When you switch your Flowace widget to its privacy mode, it can’t track a single activity on your system, not even locally. Basically, Flowace in its privacy mode is as good as Flowace not being installed. You can enjoy your private time after work such as watching a movie or playing games on your system with absolutely no stress of compromising your privacy. The idea of this is that there needs to be a clear divide between your work time and break time which as per studies phenomenally improves your work life balance.

Automatic reminders to take short breaks watch
If the user is continuously working for an hour, Flowace sends a friendly reminder to the user to stand up and take a short break. This is similar to how the Apple Watch sends stand up goal reminders to users. Such short breaks work as a charm when it comes to boosting an employee’s overall productivity & prevent them from getting drained. After all, quality of work is more important than quantity of work. Employees can go for a small walk, drink some beverage, do some eye-exercise, or meditation before getting back to work with more energy and freshness.

Helps them avoid stretching work unnecessarily
Since Flowace provides users with real-time productivity reports, they can check if they’ve completed their optimal working hours, which means that they have worked hard but haven’t burnt themselves out. This helps them avoid extending their working hours. And even if they worked extra hours for some days, they will always have proof of it as a badge of their contribution towards the firm.

Report on burn-out hours
Admins & reporting managers can generate reports where they can get updates if any employee is continuously getting overworked. Plus, employees can also self-analyze their working behavior on their respective dashboards via their time reports & can take more care of their wellbeing.
12. How do you recommend my managers or end users should use Flowace insights to manage teams or even themselves? Is there a leadership style we should follow that will complement Flowace?
The time reports and other information can be used both by the team leaders as well as by the employees themselves. Managers should always adopt an empathetic leadership style to understand productivity short comings rather than opting for an autocratic leadership style. Even if it's you managing yourself, please deal with yourself with a lot of kindness as it's impossible to be highly productive on all days. Even if you have a less productive day, the idea is to positively motivate yourself to bounce back stronger the next day.
13. Is Flowace customizable? Can I decide exactly what data can be viewed by the end users and who can view it?
Absolutely! Flowace is highly customizable and that too at a user level. You can freely decide exactly what needs to be tracked and what needs to be shown to the end user. If you want Flowace to be set up in a way wherein the end users are able to see only their own work productivity insights and no one else’s data, the system can be set up in that way. Think of how Lego works. Similarly, with Flowace, you can configure the features you want and you don’t want. Pick the ones that you like & discard the rest by keeping them OFF. Flowace is 100% capable of being completely customized to your business use cases, policies and work culture.
14. Can I install Flowace on my mobile phone?
Yes, you can! We have built a robust Android version of the Flowace app and are currently planning on building one for iOS as well. With the Flowace Android app, you can conveniently track activities and all the work-related calls both on SIM and Whatsapp so as to bill your clients more accurately.

Apart from call tracking, with the Flowace Android app, you can also maintain your company’s phone directory, make auto-attendance, track app usage along with tracking your location and duration for all the outdoor & field work.
15. Are there any privacy concerns about downloading the Flowace app on my mobile as it is my personal device?
Literally every feature on the mobile app can be turned OFF/ON by the end user as the idea is to provide convenience and NOT TO INVADE your privacy. For example, if you want to add the time spent on mobile calls, you can manuallyselect the work calls and add them to your timeline. Similarly, you can choose to switch on location services which will automatically enable Flowace to enter your outdoor meeting details to your timeline or you could wish to add these meetings through the manual entry one by one. We have observed that after a few days of using the mobile app, users find it way more convenient to use the Flowace auto methods of entering time.
16. Can Flowace keep the record of the websites and apps that I or my team visit?
Yes. Flowace tracks the URLs of the websites that a user visits and keeps every record under the database of your company’s workspace. You can generate daily, weekly, monthly, as well as yearly reports on the insights such as which websites have been visited and for how long.

You can create different categories and configure the most familiar URLs under these categories. For example, if your team works on MS Office, you can list it under the “Productive” category whereas you can bucket websites like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix etc. under the “Break Time” category.
17. Does Flowace block Facebook, Instagram and other such apps?
We don’t block any website from your browser. Our goal is simple. To make companies aware of their working behavior without imposing restrictions or creating conflicts. Plus, some websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc are often used for the purpose of work as well. So, it’s better to keep them on the watch than to straightaway block them.
18. Can I track my time and work if there’s an internet connectivity issue?
Yes! Even if you’re facing any Internet connectivity problems, Flowace will make sure you don’t lose track of your work. You can work offline for any number of days & your work entries will automatically get logged locally and will get synced with the web platform whenever you are back online.
19. What makes Flowace different from other time tracking tools?
Features that set Flowace apart from other time tracking tools:

Flowace uniquely automates tracking time:
Flowace lets you automate your time tracking so that you will never have to again use the manual START/STOP timer. The timer automatically stops when you switch your computer OFF and it automatically starts when you switch it ON the next working day. Unless you’re in Privacy Mode, you don’t need to press a single button to make sure your work is getting recorded properly

Real time work tracking:
With Flowace, you don’t have to memorize anything to manually fill your work entries one by one. Just create projects for once and all your activities will automatically get classified under the project you are working on.

Flowace helps you keep safe from unethical work practices:
By enabling the screenshots from the employee's computers and keeping a track of visited websites, Flowace helps you avoid unethical work practices like employee moonlighting. It makes sure employees are devoting their working hours only to your organization and working with their full focus and integrity.

Flowace only tracks the actual working time:
Mere attendance is not the proof of work. Hence, Flowace stops tracking time if the screen goes idle for a definite period of time. Flowace also throws timely friendly alerts to the user asking him/her if he is idle or working. If there is no response to the alert, it is assumed that the user is idle. All these steps are taken so that the firm can accurately manage the time of their employees better.

Flowace helps you avoid time leakages and underbilling:
Flowace was fundamentally built respecting everyone’s time. With Flowace, you don’t face any time leakage issue and you can generate an invoice for every second that has been spent towards a client or project. Whether it’s a call, a quick 5-min video conference, time spent on reading a document, or meeting your client in person, Flowace makes sure that every second is captured, recorded and added to the billable time!
20. My employer has asked to install Flowace on my device but I’m concerned about my privacy. What to do?
We totally understand your concerns. We suggest you read this answer carefully to understand the intentions of your employer as well as how Flowace works to the advantage of employees.

Flowace is fully permission based at the user level:
Flowace to an employee is similar to a smart watch. Your employer won’t have any access to see your work day until you provide them the access to your data if you seek suggestions from them.

Flowace only tracks productivity related activities:
Flowace has a simple goal which is to empower employees by making them aware of their working behavior and to help companies analyze their overall time efficiency. As an employee, you can analyze your best/least productive hours and plan your tasks accordingly. You can access your personal time reports on your dashboard to understand your true potential.

Switch to “Privacy Mode” and nothing gets tracked:
Even if you’re working from your personal device, you have the authority to switch between “Work Mode” & “Privacy Mode”. When you turn your Flowace account to the privacy mode, it just stops working and doesn’t track anything, not even locally. You can enjoy your break time or your private time after work without any stress.

Delete the time entries and screenshots you don’t want to share:
You can always delete the time entries and screenshots of your screen activities that you don’t want to share with your employer. You may want to do this in case you intended to be in your privacy mode but by mistake you forgot to switch into it. If you delete the screenshot, the time associated with the activity when the screenshot was taken will also get deducted from your net working hours.

Please also note that you can delete these time entries and screenshots only if your employer has enabled you to delete them.

How safe is your data?
You might be wondering how secure your data is with Flowace. We bet it’s as secure as Z+ level security. Flowace doesn’t have any access to any of your data and passwords. Your employer company’s data is only accessible to themselves and nobody else. Every activity, every communication, everything is encrypted. We have no access to any of your information and will never have.
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